2 April 2010

Count your blessings!!!

I started this post just to remind myself and people around me about the blessings they have overlooked and so I  will keep on adding more such Incidents which makes me feel blessed to this post.

Staring with 1st one :

On this Ugadi I went to a film in Bangalore where the roads were pretty clean and empty with awesome weather .The trees on either side of the road are green and welcoming us in every street .some trees doesn't had leaves but the flowers were dancing for the wind.I want to capture all such beautiful scenes with a camera instead of enjoying it ,just with the same mood got into a bus.. which had lots of scope to see the weather and enjoy.... the very next moment a blind person has come and just sat opposite to me,then i realized that I am blessed to see this weather and nature with my own eyes .....

*** WE R BLESSED ***

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zenith said...

beautiful post

ఫిదా కి ఫిదా

శేఖర్  కమ్ముల గారు బాగున్నారా?? మీకే ??  బానే  ఉంటారు !! .. మా పరిస్థితే  ఏమి బాలేదు.. ఏం చెప్పమంటారు .?? మాది ఒక  సాఫ్ట్వేర్  జంట .. చి ఛ...