17 April 2019

Life and its uncertainty!

I always have  these questions and feelings whenever i hear  some news
That makes me so dumb and blank finding answers and thinking on why it has happened..
We crib so much about promotions...money.. Relations where all of these are in our control. ..yes everything is in our control..
We would realize the above until we witness the things which are not in our control ..The death and the un curable diseases ,helpless ness  ..these are more painful than any other things
Accidents’..autism ..uncurable diseases..Human egos which does not allow to think for the person in need keeping  in the mind of the old fights they had!
Why all these for such a temporary life!
These thoughts would be with us for a very minimum and temporary period when we hear negative all around..
And we would behave as if we are ruling the earth when everything is positive..!..
I am disturbed with many news from past few months and why should life teach us so much in such a temporary period?
What did 2 yr old kid do to punish him with the death..?Why should 24 yr old die where he had to experience more life on the earth..Why is 90 year old still alive when he has nothing to do !
Why why why?

I only get one liner when I get deep into thoughts – aata Gadara sivaa!!

And I also feel sometimes that when we think positive and the people around us are positive, Only good things will happen and does it mean that people or minds who think positive had reduced..
I am confused..irritated..helpless!

I want  to say one liner which is my friend’s signature in his personal mails and blogs..

Sarve jana sukhinobhavanthu..!

అనన్య చురకలు !

మా పాపా పేరు అనన్య  ఇది చిన్నప్పటి నుండి చాల shocks ఇచ్చింది నాకు ...గుర్తున్నవి సరదాగా ఇక్కడ రాస్తున్నాను  దీనికి 2.5 ఏళ్ళకి ప్లే స్కూల్ లో...